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Opis manages its rental properties through OP Property Management ("OPPM").  OPPM handles all aspects related to the leasing and management of the properties in Opis Partners' portfolio.  OPPM is committed to delivering an outstanding consumer experience, further enhancing the attractiveness of our properties to potential tenants and buyers.

Our philosophy is that great design is a crucial element of maximizing the value of our investments.    We emphasize thoughtful design coupled with hands on management of the construction process, yielding highly efficient, cost effective projects which command a pricing premium in their local markets.

Opis has developed an intimate knowledge of several vibrant and growing neighborhoods in the NY and NJ metropolitan areas.​   We do comprehensive due diligence, with extensive on the ground research coupled with vigorous financial analysis.

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​Opis Partners is a private New york based real estate development company focused on evolving neighborhoods in the NY and NJ Metropolitan areas.

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